Scholarship Program

We are working on ways to offer more scholarships to enthusiastic students who can’t afford to pay the full amount for this life changing experience.

As nice as it would be to offer this comprehensive course for free that is just not possible. There are a lot of costs associated with putting on an event of this magnitude and countless hours of preparation. Not to mention fair compensation for all the professional instructors who have years of experience to share in a prepared concise manner.

We would like to invite you to support this important local offering by donating to a scholarship fund so that more deserving underserved students can attend. We are also showing students how they can crowd fund their tuition using a proven service called “We The Trees

By educating local people in the ethical design strategies that Permaculture has to offer we will help build our bioregion into a healthy, resilient and thriving community.

We are working on ways for you to give to this cause as a tax free donation. Contact us below for more details.

Are you are interested in applying for a scholarship or work trade position?

Just use the contact form below to let us know your interest and we will send you the application.

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