2024 Spring Permaculture Events

Spring Events and Workshops

There are a lot of exciting events this year. Meet ups, Plant and Seed swaps and some excellent classes. Hopefully you see something that interests you or a friend.

Permaculture Meet-Up at Inspiration Farm February 23 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

A Free gathering time for People interested in Permaculture from Whatcom county to come together and discuss ideas. Come bring your idea to share! Please RSVP here.

The Whatcom Permaculture events bring together like-minded individuals who are interested in sustainability, agriculture, and community building. It’s a chance to meet others with similar interests, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects.

From permaculture meet-ups to grafting workshops, there are a wealth of learning experiences available. Events like the grafting workshop offer hands-on experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. The International Permaculture Day event not only celebrates the global impact of permaculture but also facilitates people from various backgrounds come together to share their unique approaches and experiences.

For those looking to start or get involved in permaculture projects, these events are a perfect place to find potential collaborators or mentors. Networking can lead to new opportunities and initiatives. Seeing permaculture principles in action and hearing from those who have successfully implemented them can serve as a powerful source of inspiration and creativity.

Overall, the excitement surrounding the Whatcom Permaculture events stems from the dynamic combination of education, practical application, and community development centered around a sustainable and ecologically mindful way of living.

Please share widely! SEE THE FULL LIST HERE

Salish Seed Swap 2024 February 24 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Salish Seed Swap and Several venders of local plant, speciality seeds and plant related products will be Selling their unique offerings. Read more

Salish Seed Swap 2024

PDC Zoom Information Session

Join us for an Information Packed Zoom Circle. February 28 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

A space to share an overview of what a PDC is and how we have organized one here in whatcom county. We will answer your questions about what a Permaculture Design Certificate course is all about.

  • Why is the Whatcom Hands on PDC unique
  • What you can hope to get out of it
  • How it can influence your life and career for the better
  • How it can help build a better relationship with yourself, your food, community and the environment.

We look forward to sharing with you during this session. Please RSVP here. We will send you a Zoom link.

Permaculture Meet-up at Queen Mountain Homestead March 29 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

 Queen Mountain Homestead (QHM) is an 8-acre intergenerational family home and educational demonstration site nestled on the western flank of Bellingham’s Queen Mountain.  In the spring of 2016, after a decade+ of designing, building and maintaining permaculture landscapes across Washington (and internationally), we became the designer-stewards of our forever home. Please RSVP here

Grafting and Plant Propagation

March 10 th 11am – 2:00 pm

Learn to Create your own Fruit Nursery Stock. Fruit Tree Grafting and Plant Propagation from Cuttings Read more

Grafting and Plant Propagation

Scythes the Cutting Edge!

Scythes the Cutting Edge! April 28th 10am – 3pm

Sell the Weed Eater and use a Scythe! Maintain your body, not your machines. Learn the sharper points of this elegant tool. Thought to be old school, but better blades and an ergonomic set up makes them one of the most efficient tools out there. Learn what makes a good scythe, how to select a scythe for your needs and … Read more

International Permaculture Day Tour & Plant Swap May 4th, 2-5pm – Free! –

We will celebrate International Permaculture Day May 4th 2024! A day to showcase permaculture around the world.  Throughout the year we have a variety of permaculture Events, Tours and Workshops at Inspiration farm. This year we will have a tour and Plant Swap for International Permaculture Day on Saturday May 4th, 2-5pm.  An opportunity to experience permaculture and meet its practitioners. Visitors can see … Read more

International Permaculture Day Tour & Plant Swap


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