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Tell-A-Vision for This Site

Posted on February 9, 2015 by Brian Kerkvliet

This is a good starting place where we can focus efforts to bring talented people together who have diverse skills to offer. Providing a forum that enables us to share with the wider community strategies of regenerative abundance with interwoven resilience.

Possible Functions to Stack:

  • Speakers bureau
  • Workshop calendar
  • Design services listings
  • Design team Guilds
  • Basic skill set information resources
  • Networking with other groups
  • Fundraising

Notes from the first Whatcom Permaculture Meet-Up 8/29/19

Bullet Points from Popcorn of Ideas:
• Rotating meeting locations
• Smaller groups
• Individual interests,
• Host rotating specialty topics
• Carpools
• Unstructured social events
• Community dream incubator
• Obtain a yield project with hands-on,
• Hotline activity portal
• curiosity brings folks together
• sharing table at each event
• create a permit culture conspiracy
• movie nights
• plants of the month
• guilds of all types of groups
• designers Guild’s
• installation and implementation guilds
• community nursery formation
• spinoff enterprises
• group marketing
• form databases
• speakers bureau
• wants and needs
• skills for collaboration
• Directory of skills
A great start with a Wonderful group of people!
It was agreed to meet the last Fridays of the month 4 to 6 PM at a variety of locations. See you there.

What are you thoughts and visions? Share them below and Lets’ move this forward.

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