International Permaculture Day tour and plant swap

April 19 @ 4:58 pm

We will celebrate International Permaculture Day

May 4th 2024! A day to showcase permaculture around the world. 

Throughout the year we have a variety of permaculture Events, Tours and Workshops at Inspiration farm.

This year we will have a tour and Plant Swap for International Permaculture Day on Saturday May 4th, 2-5pm. 

An opportunity to experience permaculture and meet its practitioners. Visitors can see first hand an established permaculture system and ask questions. See how the permaculture design system has relevance to the challenges we face and to creating communities and environments that are resilient.

Now in its 14th year, International Permaculture Day has grown rapidly from its roots as an Australian initiative to a global day of permaculture celebrated in over 35 countries.

If you are planning on attending the tour please consider carpooling with others. Folks with plants to sell or swap can arrive at 1:30 Guided tour will be from 2-3. Self guided tour and plant sale/swap will be from 3-5. Look forward to seeing you all!

You can shop for plants ahead of time and I will have them ready for you to pick up. We are donating 10% of all sales towards the Salish Seed Garden Project. We will also have a place to trade or gift plants and seeds to other attendants.  To sell or trade you can show up a little early say 1-1:30 and set up. You can bring a table or display on the ground or the back of your car or truck.

Imagine Permaculture

I will share with you an overview of what Permaculture is and some of the strategies used to implement it on your land. Ethics, concepts, strategies and themes of design will form a basis of understanding of how to partner with nature to create a resilient abundant regenerative system.

We offering these tours to further develop the connection between the farm and the community. Tours are a great way to learn and visit the farm and pick up some permaculture food at the same time. See first hand what it takes to turn a landscape into a productive, vibrant, resilient, regenerative system. We will show you what makes Permaculture and Biodynamic farming systems thrive in food abundance at the same time as we regenerate the land, create habitat, clean and store water and build soil! Tours generally cover land, water, nutrient, biomass and animal management systems. Nursery Plant sales and more. This may be altered according to people on the tours interest and questions.

large scale systems
describing water connections to earthworks course students

Resilient Whole System Design Strategies

Inspiration Farm is an 11 acre homestead styled farm founded in 1994. Integrating Biodynamic and Permaculture practices in relation to annual & perennial food systems, animal husbandry, appropriate technology, land/water nutrient management. 

As a co-steward of Inspiration Farm for the past 25 years, Brian has a wide breadth of practical knowledge on how to partner with natural systems to bring forth stability and abundance. Having completed three full Permaculture design certificate courses, he now does consultation work for others who want to fast track the establishment of resilient system on their land. Brian teaches workshops at Inspiration Farm pertaining to the many aspects for designing and living within a resilient system that provides for most of the food, fiber, fuel and medicine needed to live a happy healthy life while restoring the ecosystem. His enthusiasm to share this with a wider audience shows in all that he does.

Brian Kerkvliet


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Inspiration Farm

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International Permaculture Day Tour

Let us know you are coming so we know how to plan.

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Earthworks for a Water Resilient Landscape 2022

August 27, 2022 @ 2:00 am August 28, 2022 @ 10:00 am

Join us for a unique permaculture design earthworks experience! This workshop will give you firsthand insights into design considerations and principles based on clients objectives. We will explain stages of the design process, from observation, working with the client, through to the final design and real live implementation on the property over the weekend. 

This workshop will cover reading the landscape for water retention and management. Diving into, Mapping, ponds, swales, reed-beds, terraces, key line design, implementation cover cropping and guild planting. This will be a hands-on workshop/installation, with earth moving equipment and lasers!


  • First part of Day one will be at Inspiration Farm. It will include introductions and an overview of the design considerations and the scope of the project. A site tour assessing information on, water, soils, access, structural positions, slope, orientation, zoning and sectors. A site tour to see an established system
  • Day One part two, we will demonstrate how to work with earthworks machine operators to achieve desired permaculture design goals.  Exercises in designing watersheds and a variety of strategies used.
  • Day two we will fine tune aspects of the project and install cover crop and some of the food forest guilds. This workshop is intended to help you to become a more confident earthwork installer. You will get familiar with the equipment and strategies used to efficiently get the job done.
  • WHAT YOU CAN LEARN: Site Observation Skills, Site Assessment Process, Design Evolution Process, Earthworks Process, Design and Work Methodology, Site Restoration with Cover Crops and Guild Planting considerations.

PROJECT BRIEF: This workshop will implement a permaculture master plan by converting old pasture with invasive grasses into a diversified food forest. The project will encompass 5 acres. The long-term goal is to provide opportunities for the local community and visitors to reconnect with each other and nature while cultivating more harmonious and resilient relationships.

Lead Instruction by Brian Kerkvliet co-steward of Inspiration Farm and a 15 year Permaculture practitioner, designer, consultant. A Student of Geoff Lawton in design methodologies and earthworks for Permaculture projects. Brian has designed and installed numerous projects around the county.

Hello, & thanks for your interest in the 2022 “Designing a Water Retention Landscape” event.  My name is Hunter Wolf Lydon, and I have been a student of Permaculture since 2013.  After taking 2 PDC courses, a rainwater harvesting design workshop with Watershed Management Group in AZ, and studying soil through the SoiI Food Web School, I’ve realized the importance of soil and water.  I feel they are quite important for our survival, which is why I want to host this class and help develop a site where all creatures can relax, eat & enjoy themselves.

I’ve been stewarding the site we’ll be working on for the past 2.5 years. Spending that time observing, building soil, and planting vegetation that need little attention.  It’s a 5 acre parcel that’s quite wet, even standing water in some spots most of the year; however, dry in areas, for a portion of the summer.  The land is slightly sloped from both the East and West with a swale that splits the parcel in half.  Most of the soil is Whatcom Labounty clay, with some silty loam as well.  It’s been a pasture for as long as the neighbors can recall, with almost no trees or shrubs other than what I’ve planted.  It’s basically a blank canvas making it a great site to install earthworks that will direct and hold more water. 

I had the privilege of attending last year’s earthworks course and it was fantastic.  Brian Kerkvliet most certainly knows how to teach this material and is, in my opinion, a master in the field.  This is a great opportunity to learn valuable land stewarding information as the environment around us gets increasingly challenging, and water management becomes more important.

Thanks & we hope to see you in August. Hunter

When: August Sat 27th 9pm through Sunday 28th 5pm

Where:  Facilitated on location at the client’s property, mid county off Smith Rd.

Camping available, Lunches will be pot luck.

Cost: $325 |  Register before July 1st for the Early bird discount $275

Join Us, Space is limited, Payment due upon registration. 

Earthworks Workshop 2022

If you would rather pay by check you can make it out to Inspiration farm and mail it to 617 E Laurel Rd. Bellingham wa. 98226

For information on the course please contact Brian at Inspiration Farm or call 360-319-2029

For information on camping, food, the project site please contact Hunter


August 27, 2022 @ 2:00 am
August 28, 2022 @ 10:00 am
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Brian Kerkvliet
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Inspiration Farm

617 E Laurel Rd
Bellingham, WA 98226 United States
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