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Why get a Permaculture Certificate?

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People sometimes ask us "why do I need to get a PDC? I can just learn it from books and Youtube". Some of the many reasons why you may want to get your PDC are:

  • You want the complete picture of permaculture
  • To get the full Permaculture experience with like minded people.
  • You want the hands on experiences and design practices
  • You like the accreditation and validation a certificate gives
  • You like the cohesiveness that a PDC immersion class offers

The reasons you need to get a PDC is to be legitimate using the word Permaculture in your professional practice.

  • If you want to teach classes on permaculture
  • If you want to run a business using Permaculture as a guiding force
  • If you aspire to teach a full PDC at some point
  • If you want to be a Permaculture consultant or designer for others

We LOVE the thought that some of our students will go on to become teachers. Whether it is short workshops or presentations or involved in full permaculture design courses.

Geoff Lawton answers some of theses questions.

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Learn About Carbon

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Here is a well done simple little video explaining one of the largest issues left out of the climate change debate. Learning Permaculture has all the tools necessary to help fix this issue on every content. This video is based on the writing of Charles Eisenstein. Visit Charles' Website for more related content:

Narrated by Charles Eisenstein
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PDC 2020 Bodhi Creek Farm

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Forth weekend of the PDC 2020 June 12-14, 2020

Bodhi Creek is a small intentional community aspiring to be an Ecovillage and a Healing Biotope. The 3-legged stool of our vision includes: living more harmoniously with Nature, residential intentional community, learning center. Our ecologically diverse site straddles mountainside and wetlands on 25 acres, halfway between the snow and the coast. We are adjacent to thousands of acres of state forest lands.

What does your site has to offer the PDC course and its students?

This site presents some fascinating challenges of large deciduous over story which is rich habitat for migratory songbirds. Our community also faces some conundrums and challenges regarding topics such as zoning. We have some interesting agroecokogy projects (wasabi in the woods?) and a young food forest.

Contact Information for Bodhi Creek Farm

Alan Rafael Seid 360-599-2134

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Bellingham Seed Swap 2020

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There will be several workshops and presentations during the day. Honoring Larry Korn, Permaculture career pathways and others. Come and talk to us about your opportunities to attend the Permaculture Design course being held this year.

Saturday, 1/18/2020 12:00PM – 4:00PM $5 donation

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, 1207 Ellsworth St, Bellingham, WA

Seed tables set up from 2019

Bring your seeds to share and your home made, hand crafted, wild harvested, or home grown items to barter or sell. Meet amazing gardeners! Many local gardeners have unusual seeds adapted to our bioregion. You do not need to bring seeds to participate in the seed swap. Free classes on gardening, seed saving, greenhouse management, fermentation, cooking and homesteading skills. If you have a lot to barter, please contact to reserve a table.

The goal of Cascadia Skillshare is to help maintain all kinds of useful, handy, and practical skills and showcase some new ones.

Event contact info: (510) 926-0468 or

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PDC 2020, Chuckanut Center!

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Second Weekend of the PDC 2020: May 16th & 17th

About the Chuckanut Center

At the Chuckanut Center we seek to connect those who wish to learn how to grow more resilient through food security, household independence and community resourcefulness. We do this through offering community garden spaces, teaching gardening, cooking and preserving classes, sharing skills and offering opportunities to meet and learn from others.

The Chuckanut Center is an aspiring permaculture education center located on 1.8 acres in Fairhaven that specializes in urban homesteading skills. For the past three years, we have held classes, house concerts, and community gatherings on the property. Through our gardens and our determined cohort of volunteers, we have been able to teach classes on everything from cultivating the soil to growing food and how to preserve it. Outside of our fenced garden area is an area that is yearning to be turned into a food forest. We have apples, plums, pears, and just need a little imagination to really spark our orchard into a a demonstration of abundance through permaculture design. As this is a city-owned property, there will not be any camping onsite. However, it is possible to camp nearby at Larrabee State Park. If a large enough group would like to camp, we can arrange a campsite for the night and shuttle participants as needed.

What the Chuckanut Center has to offer the PDC and Students

We are a small band of volunteer community members working together to build a community resource for all to share. Our backgrounds and interests are varied, but we all believe in this place, the importance of a more self-reliant community and the future of Chuckanut Center to become a valued and treasured asset to the city of Bellingham and beyond.

The Chuckanut Center has the potential to serve as Whatcom County's permaculture education center given it's advantageous location, history of community gardens, and class potential with the house. During the PDC, the Chuckanut Center will serve as demonstration grounds for what permaculture education can look like in the Pacific Northwest. This means many opportunities for guilds, small demonstration plots, and innovative social design within a site. We look forward to the course offering an opportunity for participants to learn about the importance of energy flows through a site, including the flow of human energy, which we are well-positioned to demonstrate.

Contact Information:

Meg All, Board Secretary - 360-961-1516

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At Outback Farm – WWU

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First weekend of the PDC 2020 - May 2nd & 3rd

The Outback is a 5-acre organic farm on the Western Washington University campus. Started in 1972, the Outback is a place of experimentation, learning, reflection, advocacy, and agriculture. We feature permaculture practices and teachings and are home to community gardens, chickens, production rows, a teaching apiary, vernal pools and a delineated wetland. Our students are engaged in ecosystem restoration, community building, and food justice - acknowledging the importance of food systems for empowerment, resilience, and health. 

What will this site offer the PDC course and its students

The Outback is a beautiful place to fully engage with permaculture against the backdrop of a long history of learning and experimenting built into the farm. This PDC course starts at the Outback because it provides opportunities for all the hands-on basics, from composting to mushroom cultivation to path design, while enjoying lush native habitat and sheltered classroom areas. We offer PDC students the chance to experience a truly community-based food and farming system and the power (and challenges) of shared governance. We are engaged in addressing food insecurity and issues of justice on campus and beyond, including the permaculture ethics in all we do. 

Contact information for the Outback site

Visit their Website

Contact information:

Terri Kempton, Outback Farm Manager,, 360-650-3779

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Scholarship Program


We are working on ways to offer more scholarships to enthusiastic students who can't afford to pay the full amount for this life changing experience.

As nice as it would be to offer this comprehensive course for free that is just not possible. There are a lot of costs associated with putting on an event of this magnitude and countless hours of preparation. Not to mention fair compensation for all the professional instructors who have years of experience to share in a prepared concise manner.

We would like to invite you to support this important local offering by donating to a scholarship fund so that more deserving underserved students can attend. We are also showing students how they can crowd fund their tuition using a proven service called "We The Trees"

By educating local people in the ethical design strategies that Permaculture has to offer we will help build our bioregion into a healthy, resilient and thriving community.

We are working on ways for you to give to this cause as a tax free donation. Contact us below for more details.

Are you are interested in applying for a scholarship or work trade position?

Just use the contact form below to let us know your interest and we will send you the application.

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PDC 2020 Posters are Ready!

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We are so excited that the new posters are finished. Paul Kersley put them together with his wonderful illustrations and sense of design they came together great!

We will have some printed posters available for local people to put up in addition to the collectable hand bills. Let us know if you have a place to put them up and we will get you some. If you need a stash of hand bill to hand out to interested groups of people we can get that to you too. We also have the posters and hand bills available for folks to download. You can use them to send out to your social networks or share with friends who may be interested in this incredible opportunity to take a local PDC with world class instructors.

Download a print formatted PDF of the Poster and Hand Bills to print and post in your area.

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