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PDC Instructors

Penny Livingston-Stark of Regenerative Design Institute

Penny Livingston-Stark is internationally recognized as a prominent permaculture teacher, designer, and speaker. She holds a MS in Eco-Social Regeneration and 3 Diplomas in Permaculture Design. Penny has been studying the Hermetic Tradition of alchemy and herbal medicine making in Europe and the United States for 4 years.

Penny has sat on the board of the Permaculture Institute of North America as well as the Building Appeals Board for the County of Marin, after being unanimously approved by the Marin County Supervisors. She was also a founding board member for the Redwood Empire Chapter of the US Green Building Council.

She has studied, taught with, hosted and learned directly Bill Mollison, and David Holmgren the co-founders of Permaculture and the developers of the Permaculture Design Certification Course curriculum.

Brian Kerkvliet of Inspiration Farm

I have been interested in gardening and appropriate technology since I was a kid. Inspired by my grandpa Jerry who ran an integrated farm on South Whidbey island. 
Inspiration Farm is an 11 acre homestead styled farm since 1994. Integrating Biodynamic and Permaculture practices in relation to annual & perennial food systems, animal husbandry, appropriate technology, land/water nutrient management. Our vision at Inspiration Farm is to co-create an environment to experiment and learn methods of creative, regenerative, resilient abundance.

Paul Kearsley from Tera Phoenix Design

A young designer with a passion for art and nature, Paul has worked on both institutional- and residential-scale masterplanning with Terra Phoenix Design & Exos Design. He has also led presentations and workshops with high schools, colleges and community groups.

While working independently and in collaboration with fellow designers, Paul is interested in the development of educational tools and functioning models of sustainability. He has a B.S. in industrial design and is a LEED accredited professional.

With additional special guest presenters being announced shortly!

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