PDC 2020, Chuckanut Center!

Second Weekend of the PDC 2020: May 16th & 17th

About the Chuckanut Center

At the Chuckanut Center we seek to connect those who wish to learn how to grow more resilient through food security, household independence and community resourcefulness. We do this through offering community garden spaces, teaching gardening, cooking and preserving classes, sharing skills and offering opportunities to meet and learn from others.

The Chuckanut Center is an aspiring permaculture education center located on 1.8 acres in Fairhaven that specializes in urban homesteading skills. For the past three years, we have held classes, house concerts, and community gatherings on the property. Through our gardens and our determined cohort of volunteers, we have been able to teach classes on everything from cultivating the soil to growing food and how to preserve it. Outside of our fenced garden area is an area that is yearning to be turned into a food forest. We have apples, plums, pears, and just need a little imagination to really spark our orchard into a a demonstration of abundance through permaculture design. As this is a city-owned property, there will not be any camping onsite. However, it is possible to camp nearby at Larrabee State Park. If a large enough group would like to camp, we can arrange a campsite for the night and shuttle participants as needed.

What the Chuckanut Center has to offer the PDC and Students

We are a small band of volunteer community members working together to build a community resource for all to share. Our backgrounds and interests are varied, but we all believe in this place, the importance of a more self-reliant community and the future of Chuckanut Center to become a valued and treasured asset to the city of Bellingham and beyond.

The Chuckanut Center has the potential to serve as Whatcom County’s permaculture education center given it’s advantageous location, history of community gardens, and class potential with the house. During the PDC, the Chuckanut Center will serve as demonstration grounds for what permaculture education can look like in the Pacific Northwest. This means many opportunities for guilds, small demonstration plots, and innovative social design within a site. We look forward to the course offering an opportunity for participants to learn about the importance of energy flows through a site, including the flow of human energy, which we are well-positioned to demonstrate.

Contact Information:

Meg All, Board Secretary – 360-961-1516 chuckanutcenter@gmail.com https://chuckanutcenter.org

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