PDC 2020 Bodhi Creek Farm

Forth weekend of the PDC 2020 June 12-14, 2020

Bodhi Creek is a small intentional community aspiring to be an Ecovillage and a Healing Biotope. The 3-legged stool of our vision includes: living more harmoniously with Nature, residential intentional community, learning center. Our ecologically diverse site straddles mountainside and wetlands on 25 acres, halfway between the snow and the coast. We are adjacent to thousands of acres of state forest lands.

What does your site has to offer the PDC course and its students?

This site presents some fascinating challenges of large deciduous over story which is rich habitat for migratory songbirds. Our community also faces some conundrums and challenges regarding topics such as zoning. We have some interesting agroecokogy projects (wasabi in the woods?) and a young food forest.

Contact Information for Bodhi Creek Farm

Alan Rafael Seid 360-599-2134 www.bodhicreek.org

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