At Outback Farm – WWU

First weekend of the PDC 2020 – May 2nd & 3rd

The Outback is a 5-acre organic farm on the Western Washington University campus. Started in 1972, the Outback is a place of experimentation, learning, reflection, advocacy, and agriculture. We feature permaculture practices and teachings and are home to community gardens, chickens, production rows, a teaching apiary, vernal pools and a delineated wetland. Our students are engaged in ecosystem restoration, community building, and food justice – acknowledging the importance of food systems for empowerment, resilience, and health. 

What will this site offer the PDC course and its students

The Outback is a beautiful place to fully engage with permaculture against the backdrop of a long history of learning and experimenting built into the farm. This PDC course starts at the Outback because it provides opportunities for all the hands-on basics, from composting to mushroom cultivation to path design, while enjoying lush native habitat and sheltered classroom areas. We offer PDC students the chance to experience a truly community-based food and farming system and the power (and challenges) of shared governance. We are engaged in addressing food insecurity and issues of justice on campus and beyond, including the permaculture ethics in all we do. 

Contact information for the Outback site

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Contact information:

Terri Kempton, Outback Farm Manager,, 360-650-3779

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